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Recordemos el pantalón que compré en Burdeos…

¡Esta vez, tenemos el mismo pantalón en 3 looks distintos!

Pantalón/Pants: See U Soon


Jacket: Isabel Marant (old)

T-shirt: H&M (basic)

Camiseta: Kling (old)

Jacket: Silence noise

Shirt: Millau

Black t-shirt: H&M (basic)

Recall the pants I bought in Bourdeaux…

Here you have 3 different looks with the same pants!



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  1. Lehenengoarekin gelditzen naiz. Ustet praka oikin hobena kamiseta basiko bat, bestela bastante kargauta ikustet 😉


  2. Neretzako ere lehenengoa! besteak ere gustatzen zaizkit, baina egokiena lehenengoa dela pentsatzen det. muxu!


  3. Hello beautiful! I found your blog by chance looking at each other and I must say that I love it. You have a different and original style that has left me speechless. Your posts, so I can see, are great and you will see a great person. So I follow you from now on. I hope you pass by my blog, and if you like me as much as I like yours, follow me back. A great big kiss 🙂


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